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Autism Services (ASMC) is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting children and adults with Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury and other Developmental Disabilities. ASMC focuses on creating opportunities to improve life skills and providing quality services based on needs specific to both the individual and their family.

Starting in 2006, children with autism spectrum disorders have participated in and enjoyed ASMC's Summer Day Camp. Divided into three, two-week sessions; each day traditional camp activities are blended with academic goals in an effort to maintain new learning over the summer months. In addition, campers master new social and independence skills through community outings and group activities. In 2011 the camp was unable to open because of funding, so we are making a big funding push to support this camp to make sure it won't disappear forever! Right now we are raising donations for scholarships for kids for next year's camp, this way we can have the funds ready to make sure this much needed camp and program like it are around for a long time to come.

The Achievement Club and LEAP are ASMC's two day activity programs offering a relaxed, but stimulating place to go when they are not working or volunteering in the community. In addition to leisure and recreational activities, Club Members work on job readiness skills, computer skills, exercise and wellness, cultural awareness, current events and educational activities. Favorites include arts and crafts, Wii sports and other competitions and exercise activities. Club members participate in a variety of community-based social, recreational, and volunteer activities such as delivering Friendship Tray to the elderly and maintaining public parks. As you can immagine, transportation costs have risen significantly, putting these activities at risk.

DONATING IS EASY! Schools across the country are participating in fun contests and games to help us raise funds, but be assured your donation will not be wasted! It costs approximately $600 for one child to attend ASMC's Summer Camp and The Achievement Club is equally as costly to provide. Donations through this site will go toward these programs and their associated fundraising efforts. Your contribution is tax-deductible and you will receive an emailed receipt for your records. Click Here to be taken to our secure donation site where you can select the school, teams, and payment information.

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Thank You To Everyone Who Helps Make This A Success!